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What the hell have I been doing this (academic) year?

  • Manuscripts accepted: 2
  • Manuscripts under review: 1
  • Revise and resubmits to do: 3
  • Working papers: 3
  • New projects: 2
  • Conference presentations: 2
  • Seminars given: 1
  • PhD students in progress: 5
  • PhD students completed: 0
  • Other students supervised: 2
  • Courses taught: 0
  • Courses scheduled: 4
  • Referee reports to write: 2
  • Referee reports completed: 17
  • Committees: 3
  • Angry co-authors: 0
  • Angry students: ?

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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Powerpoint on laptop?
Tablet pc?

The whiteboard pens make me high. I cannot erase the chalkboard well enough so that they can see. Transparencies are OK, but I am a leftie—I will never forget the smile on the students’ faces the first time I taught and they noticed my red, blue, and black hand.

Powerpoint is dull for the students. I am reading Presentation Zen and the ideas there seem promising; it might work to combine a stark powerpoint presentation with the blackboard and handouts that are not simply printouts of the powerpoint.

A tablet pc might be good, too. But that’s another computer that I don’t want to buy. And then I would have to post the written up slides on a web site, giving the students yet another temptation not to pay attention in class.


I am confused.

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