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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mechanical pencils

I wonder how many non-academics love mechanical pencils (and really all things stationary) as much as I do? When I was in grad school, I was obsessed with the $25.00 mechanical pencil. One of the first things I did when I got a job was to get a really fancy mechanical pencil. Even now, I could happily window shop for them. I have also become obsessed with the fisher space pen, and the perfect pad.

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Blogger kiwi-d commented at 10:44 PM~  

I too know all about mechanical obsession, so much so I've started to blog about them as well. So what's your "fancy mechanical pencil"?

Blogger kiwi-d commented at 1:02 PM~  

Thanks for the reply and the link on your blog. The Pentel Sharp Kerry, a fine choice. Next week I will be writing with that and bloging my review of it the week after. I would be interested in your thoughts after you've read what I say on it.
Regards, Dave

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