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What the hell have I been doing this (academic) year?

  • Manuscripts accepted: 2
  • Manuscripts under review: 1
  • Revise and resubmits to do: 3
  • Working papers: 3
  • New projects: 2
  • Conference presentations: 2
  • Seminars given: 1
  • PhD students in progress: 5
  • PhD students completed: 0
  • Other students supervised: 2
  • Courses taught: 0
  • Courses scheduled: 4
  • Referee reports to write: 2
  • Referee reports completed: 17
  • Committees: 3
  • Angry co-authors: 0
  • Angry students: ?

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Friday, February 24, 2006


I am trying to use a google widget to post this morning. It seems pretty good so far.

I have been thinking about meetings again. There are proposals to replace meetings with electronic communications. That could work, but I think that decision making would change dramatically. I often notice at meetings that there is a wave---someone says something and then everyone starts to pile on. You can often see the current shift visually. It all seems so manipulable.

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