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Monday, March 06, 2006

Microsoft word and answer keys.

I use word to type up answer keys quickly. Every year I swear I will stop. Putting centered equations into the middle of nested numbered lists defeats me year after year. I finally remember how to do it it cleanly, and promptly forget it for 6 months, until I have to do it again. I would not make up new questions each year, but the fraternities/sororities keep all the old ones on file...

Struggle on V. If only I used a secretary to type this stuff. But it seems so wasteful to figure it out, handwrite it, and then get someone else to type it, relative to just typing it up as a I solve it.

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:24 AM~  

This is the only reason I chose WordPerfect for my dissertation...oh those years ago...and still keep a copy of WordPerfect around.

The equation editor is much easier to use. Other than my methods exams, however, it never gets used.

Blogger vegreville commented at 3:11 PM~  


I forgot about word perfect. A great program; I always was a big fan of 'reveal codes.' If there only was a way to do that in ms word. That's why I do my paper writing in latex.

I should just switch everything to that. But putting in figures and tables from excel is so much better in word than latex.

Tradeoffs, eh?


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